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iFox is a unique film experiment

conceived by Paul Alistair Collins that uses multinarrative storytelling to put you in

the world of the urban fox.


Look around and experience firsthand

one fox's struggle for survival. 

There is rarely one right way to find food

for your cubs, and there may be risk involved.


Created with mentoring from the BBC's Natural History Unit,  iFox is the first film of its kind that gives viewers an active role in a real-life nature documentary. For the first time, you can now get into the headspace of the UK's top predator and

be part of the hunt.


iFox is just the start of something bigger.

I am developing immersive projects as social experiences for web and mobile. Such experiences have the power to  transport us all into the heart of the world's greatest dramas, and transform 

the way we engage with our blue planet.  


See my Current Projects.


If you are interested in what I do, get in touch

by email, via Twitter or Facebook


This is the first fox that you see in the film, as he emerges from the bushes. 4 foxes actually appear in the Intro and Orientation scenes. 


He lives in the gardens of the Chapel. He's used to people and often takes food scraps from his human neighbours. 

Chapel Fox

Den Fox

Two male foxes are used to show Blink at the den. There's a reason why one of them looks more glossy - because he's actually a country fox!


Whilst all of the foxes for iFox were filmed in the wild in London, this one lives in captivity at the British Wildlife Centre in Surrey and is named Frodo by his owners! 


Find out more about Frodo on the BWC website

Stradella Fox

This young fox was really active in the daytime, so we filmed him for the cat scene. He is a shy but curious fox - during filming, he often crept up on me without me knowing! 

About iFox
Meet The Foxes


Discovery Den

Join Blink the Fox on his quest for food in the city

in this unique interactive film.


You make the choices that affect the success of his hunt

and the survival of his family. 



An interactive film

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Did you know foxes have over 28 different calls!


Foxes are mostly silent animals, but they nevertheless have a broad repertoire of sounds.

A wide range of calls is used from cubs' smallbarks asking for their mother's attention, to warning calls, to barks and screams 

performed to locate another fox or a mate.


You can hear some of them in the videos below.


Smell plays a big role in the fox's world, and after hearing, it is the sense they most rely on.


Male foxes often leave spraint somewhere obvious, such as on a tree, to woo females and mark their territory. This is called scent marking.



SLIDESHOW. Hover over an image to reveal text. Flick between images with the navigation arrows. 

VIDEO: Explore Blink's world of sound by listening left, right or behind him. 

VIDEO: These four calls may be used by a fox to defend its territory. 

Behind The Scenes



foxes were filmed to create

the character of Blink. 



From London to Bristol, and filmed across 4 months, we searched high and low for the perfect fox cast 

to create Blink - which was no easy task. 

Here are 3 of the foxes that star in iFox


      32     15     52      20         6        90     

         Foxes Filmed       Locations          Choices        Possible Endings       Nights in a Tent      Hours of filming

Devised and Produced by Paul Alistair Collins 


Production Consultants Tim Tarrant, Louise Hibbens, Caroline Cox 

Music David Morten-Robinson Sound Angel Fire, Sound Dogs Facilities University of the West of England


With Thanks To BBC Natural History Unit, Charlie Kitchen, Sam Hobson, Anne and Guy Collins, The British Wildlife Centre, Lambeth Council, Southwark Council, The Residents of Herne Hill, The Residents of Christ's Chapel


Produced On Interlude





Help Blink confront his arch nemesis, Snowball the neighbourhood cat! 


Before you play, scroll down to the Discovery Den on how to defend your territory!

Watch Film



From 360° virtual worlds to videogames

that put you in an animal's body,

see some of my current projects here. 

Current Projects



Current Projects


About Paul

I'm Paul, a professional cameraman and photographer

based in Bristol, UK - the heart of natural history storytelling.


I discovered Virtual Reality (VR) and interactive film in 2015 whilst working on iFox,  and have not looked back. It makes my work as a visual storyteller more immersive - and if that means that people connect to nature more, then that's a great thing.

To see my photography and other film work,

make sure to pop by Paul Alistair Collins Photography.


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